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CNPS workers registration


CNPS registration in Cameroon is referenced in Ordinance No 73-17 of 22nd May 1973 instituted the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) which establishes the Employee Compensation Scheme, which provides adequate and timely compensation for employees who suffer occupational hardship or payment of social insurance benefits to workers. The procedure for Registering a worker at CNPS is strict and it’s advisable you brief your commercial lawyer for guidance.

The National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) provides a defined scheme through social insurance methods for employees in the private and public sectors. It is targeted at protecting employees or their families from financial difficulties in the event of death or permanent incapacitation as a result of work-related disease or injury. The CNPS is applicable to all employees in the public and private sectors throughout Cameroon.

The private sector makes contributions for their staff to the funds by virtue of a scheme known as called employee compensation scheme. The employer rate of contribution is 1% of the total payroll, consisting of the total emoluments.


  1. The first step for a CNPS worker’s registration in Cameroon is to obtain an application for the registration of an insured Form from the CNPS office nearer to the location where the applicant’s office is located.
  2. The form contains the following information, which must be filled by the applicant: The particulars of Business for public and private companies; Commerce registration, tax payers’ card, list of workers, localization plan, and copy of ID cards. For workers certify a true copy of a birth certificate, identity card, marriage certificate where applicable, and passport-size photograph.
  3. Upon the completion of the CNPS worker’s registration in Cameroon requirement form, it is taken back to the CNPS within the applicant’s company location. Once the employer is issued with a CNPS matriculation number, it enables him to register the worker.
  4. A Form ECS RE03 (Employer Schedule of Payment) is issued to the applicant for completion.
  5. The applicant will make requisite payment as may be accessed by the CNPS controller, based on the type of company, the number, and the remuneration of the company’s staff.
  6. The applicant will proceed with the payment receipt to CNPS within the company’s location.
  7. CNPS will issue a receipt for such payment in accordance with the regulations and condition precedent for issuance of the required certifications.
  8. Finally, a CNPS workers Registration Certificate will be issued as evidence of due registration with the scheme and welfare protection of the workers and the company, as well as the retirement or dismissal claims.

It is clear from the above that CNPS registration in Cameroon is strict and must be complied with to the lather. Upon the completion of the processes, the applicant is further required to apply for the Certificate of Compliance as part of the procedure for registering a worker at CNPS.


In conclusion, it is important that every company register its employees for the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) to affirm its compliance with Ordinance No 73-17 of 22nd May, 1973and to also contribute to the employee’s compensation scheme.

The importance of CNPS registration in Cameroon cannot be overemphasized as Employee compensation provides a form of social security for workers who become incapacitated in the course of employment or their dependents in the event of death. We are the leading corporate law firm in Cameroon and have over the years harnessed the required knowledge and expertise to represent not just individuals but national and multinational companies.

Article by MAFANY victor NGANDO

Kinsmen Advocates Law Firm

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