Fishing & Forestry Permit In Cameroon.

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Fishing license, Forest Exploitation license


The State  of Cameroon and The Ministry of Fishing & Forestry reserves the right to issue fishing permit and forestry permit to interested applicants after due satisfaction of their eligibility.

Fishing Permit

Fishing activities can be done on Cameroon waterways and coast-lands. The law regulating fishing activities in Cameroon is Law No .94/01 of 20th January 1994 and the Ministry seldom with this responsibility is the Ministry of Fishing, Animal, Husbandry and Livestock. Industrial fishing requires a license whereas other small form of fishing activities on Cameroon waterways requires a fishing authorization (category A-semi-industrial fishing, Category B-permit for sport fishing, category C- permit for profit making small- scale fishing, category D- permit for fishing research). They are three type of license to wit: – license to catch fish ,license to fish for shrimps and other crustaceans,license to fish for tuna.These permits must be renewed upon expiration and the must be evidence of payment of exploitation tax. Illegal fishing on Cameroon waterways is prohibited .

Forestry Permit

The law regulating forestry exploration  activities is in Cameroon is Law No .94/01 of 20th January 1994. The authorization for forest exploitation issued by the president of the republic of Cameroon. Thereafter , the applicant is expected to secure a certificate of a forester at the Ministry of forestry and wild life. The applicant must ensure that the exploitation unit is specified so at to enable us access the cost vis-à-vis the hectares.There exist different categories of forestry permit in Cameroon which must be renewed upon expiration.

In conclusion, we are more than competent in bridging all the administrative huddles using our partners in the ministries and secure the permit timely.

Article By: Barr. Akpana Tracy

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