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Real estate in Cameroon ranges from, the sale of houses, to the management of apartments and land for sale in Cameroon. Investors in the real estate business in Cameroon are advised to hire the services of a legal practitioner to assist in many transactions associated with the transfer of property to wit:-drawing up legal documents, reviewing any documents that require a signature, reviewing the house transaction history, and title to ensure that the house can be sold, advice homeowners, arrange for transfer of security deposits and make the arrangements for insurance verification.

Legal practitioners in this sector know the estate market, the hot houses for sale in Cameroon, land for sale in Cameroon, apartments for sale, and identify specific amenities where necessary, properties in flux, and the ones that are expensive or on the rise.

Kinsmen Advocate’s estate department helps our clients identify the property of their choice, identify houses for sale in Cameroon, and the location of the property. We can assist you with almost every aspect of the purchase to wit: – purchase agreement, prepare and process all legal documents, review closing documents prior to signature and ensure that you receive them.

Real estate in Cameroon

Legal practitioners are advised to carry inquiries on the state of the property before their client enters into a contract for the transfer of the land. The aim of preliminary or pre-contract inquiries is to obtain the fullest information to enable the purchaser to decide whether or not to sign the contract. There are basic preliminary questions a purchaser solicitor must ask in transactions bordering on land for sale in Cameroon to wit:-

  • The boundaries of the property

  • Whether there is any dispute over the land

  • Notice in respect of the property

  • Guarantees in respect of the property

  • Facilities of the property

  • Planning scheme of the property

  • Method of sale of the property

  • Details of lease

  • Covenants and their breaches

Real estate Business in Cameroon

Real estate in Cameroon is very complex and as such, it is vital the transaction should be in a form of a formal contract. The legal practitioner in drafting a formal contract must ascertain the parties, property, price, payment mode (deposit or part payment), and insurance of the property.

Kinsmen Advocate’s estate department has a list of apartments for sale, land for sale in Cameroon, and houses for sale for Cameroon for our clients. The real estate business in Cameroon has evolved, the business in Cameroon is complex and covers even rentals services for families.

Due diligence is an aspect of real estate in Cameroon that entails investigating the apartments for sale, houses for sale in Cameroon, and land for sale in Cameroon. The legal practitioner is expected to investigate the root of the title to ensure it is not a scam and advice the client adequately.

Clients have a duty to pay legal practitioners for the services offered in real estate in Cameroon transactions. The rules of professional conduct for legal practitioners permit lawyers to charge percentage fees based on the value of the transaction.

To conclude, the real estate business in Cameroon has come to stay as millions of business people globally have continuously requested our services in this area.

Article by: Mafany Victor Ngando , ESQ

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